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LP06 Breathable elastic trousers (BLX)

LP06 Breathable elastic trousers (BLX)


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LP06 breathable elastic trousers

The first color matching trousers design, trousers version design invisible zipper, with humanized pocket design, unisex

source of inspiration for designers

For camping enthusiasts who like to wear clothes, it is difficult to satisfy the trendy and practical trousers in the market. Therefore, according to the designer's hobby, I designed a pair of trousers that are both functional and fashionable.

Everyone knows that the temperature in Hong Kong varies greatly. Even before going up the mountain, on the way up the mountain, and when entering the camp, the body temperature can be quite different.

Therefore, the designer opened an invisible zipper on the left and right sides, and the user can adjust the ventilation position by himself. When sitting on a camping chair, unzipping the zipper will increase the elasticity of the trousers, because high-quality new-skin elastic mesh is used in the bag.

On the front side of the trousers, there will be a four-button pocket, which is also designed by the designer for humanization, so that users who already carry a large backpack can store small equipment such as Octopus lighters.

LP06 Key Design

The big difference from the trousers on the market is that the left and right side bones are changed.
When the user wants to lift the legs up the steps for a long time, the creases on both sides are specially designed to reduce the friction with the cloth skin

(Tips for choosing casual outdoor clothing)
There are different product departments in the market that launch different outdoor clothing. You can pay attention to the processing of the crease position, and feel with your hands whether the clothes will feel uncomfortable when the clothes rub against the skin for a long time, etc.
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