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TP27 Cool Short Sleeve Shirt (GRD)

TP27 Cool Short Sleeve Shirt (GRD)


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It is mainly designed in a simple style, using high-end brand functional fabrics, and YAMA GUEST buttons, so that users can match different clothes to create their own outdoor style. The back panel also has a ventilation position.

The whole piece of clothing increases the bust width, which is convenient for users to match different clothes in four seasons.

-Cool functional fabric
-Water-repellent functional fabric
- High-strength elastic mesh
-LOGO laser printing button

Fabric with Teflon™ fabric technology:

Teflon™ fabric technology resists oily and water-based stains, dust and dry stains by creating an invisible molecular barrier around individual fibers. While providing these functions, it will not affect the appearance, touch, hand, color and breathability of the fabric.

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