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LP08 2-in-1 outdoor trousers (GRD)

LP08 2-in-1 outdoor trousers (GRD)


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The climate of camping in the subtropical region is unpredictable, so a functional fashion outdoor trousers was designed. The trousers are designed to remove the lower part, and the zipper can be opened on the upper side when removing it. The user-friendly design is more helpful for users to take it apart quickly.

The design of the three-dimensional elastic mesh pocket on the side of the shorts is inspired by the backpack water bottle grid, and the elastic mesh is used to facilitate the storage of small camping items of different sizes. And the lower part has more storage positions, and the fabric uses cool and functional fabrics.

Introduction of Teflon Fabric

Teflon is a synthetic polymer material, commonly known as "Teflon" in Taiwan
It has various properties such as acid resistance, alkali resistance and various organic solvent resistance. It is used on clothes such as textile finishing agent. This is a textile finishing agent that provides excellent performance without affecting appearance, color, air permeability, etc. It forms a protective barrier around each fiber, fully waterproof and antifouling.
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