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SP02V3 Multi Pocket Shorts (BRX)

SP02V3 Multi Pocket Shorts (BRX)


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YAMAGUEST's popular product, SP02v3 is eight-pocket outdoor shorts, the pocket design is close to humanization, and there is an invisible zipper under the bag, which is convenient for cleaning the sand when placing camp nails while camping.

In addition, the three-dimensional bag has two slots attached to the car, which can further enhance the practicality of the three-dimensional bag.

The third upgrade design, improving the comfort of the fabric and adding belt loops on the left and right side pockets, used for hooks, locks and camping tools

- Adopt YKK zipper
-Water-repellent functional fabric
-Ripstop functional fabric
-Breathable design
-LOGO laser printing button
-Jacquard weaving
-Adjustable waist design

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