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ST22 YamaGuest x UNIO T-Shirt (Special Edition)

ST22 YamaGuest x UNIO T-Shirt (Special Edition)


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The T-shirt design style adopts the drawing style as the main theme, and the patterns are mainly determined around the camping aesthetics or style, and they are also the first creations of the brand

Design explanation

In recent years, the trend of camping has become prevalent, and there is always a group of friends who start to follow the trend and blindly pursue camping equipment that does not fit them. Based on this feeling, I designed a camping tee. With the theme of herd effect, I designed a unique tee. There are two groups of sheep in the picture, designed in two colors, expressing that a large group of sheep only move in the same direction, and the explanation of herd effect is printed on the front panel, hoping to bring out the idea of ​​"BE UNIQUE"

Try to use a tight skin-friendly fabric for the upper fabric. Should be more suitable for camping in Hong Kong
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